abortion is okay zine

This Abortion Is Okay (Colouring Book) Zine was created for anyone who has chosen an abortion and is in need of loving, compassionate affirmations about their choice to terminate their pregnancy.   

This zine was created Giselle Johnston and myself, Tynan Rhea. No recreation of this zine, in part or in full, is allowed without credit to the authors.  

This is a free zine that is open to the public. You are welcome to download and assemble it for your own use, or for distribution within your organisation/networks, or distribute during pro-life/anti-choice protests in counter-protest. 

The document is available in two different formats, depending on how your printer/shop handles double-sided printing (which is required for properly assembling the zine). Instructions for assembling the zine are in the documents:

Abortion (Colouring Book) Zine - Configuration One

Abortion (Colouring Book) Zine - Configuration Two

You are welcome to contact myself if you have any questions, but please note, we are decidedly pro-choice and supporters of reproductive justice. Hate mail or attempts to engage in "discussions" regarding our politics will be disregarded. 

In loving support,

Giselle & Tynan

contact me: TYNAN RHEA (@) GMAIL.COM

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