about counselling

Counseling sessions are an opportunity to explore your sexuality or obstacle in a space free of judgement. I provide resources and information when necessary, and incorporate  aromatherapy when desired. We work together to navigate through these challenges so you can enjoy the sex life you want.


I also offer specialized packages for the unique needs of your journey— whether it's to address a specific obstacle; develope skills and tools for sex; or a more immersive experience as you explore the totality of your sexuality in mind, body, and spirit. 

Who do I work with? I specialize in working with women, men, parents, pregnant folks, 2SLGBTQIA+ including nonbinary and trans folks, kinky, polyamorous, single parents, and sex workers. 

What do people bring to sessions? People work with me to address obstacles with enjoying or expressing their sexuality such as:

- blocks to engaging in loving, romantic, and/or sexual relationships 

- to explore  gender identity, sexual orientation, or relationship styles  

- to explore experiences that have hindered their relationship to their sexuality

- to move through abuse, traumatic sexual experiences, or shame

- to address conditions such as pain with penetration, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus/vulvodynia, premature ejaculation, sex addiction/compulsive sexual behaviour, low desire, health conditions that impact sex, and more

- to gain insight, guidance, or knowledge on their path to uninhibited sexual expression.

Why do people see me? I take a non-pathologizing, non-judgmental, holistic approach to sexuality that incorporates an understanding of how our sexuality is shaped by the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit. I believe there are limitless ways to live a pleasurable life. I believe sexuality in all its forms are legitimate and positive when practiced in a compassionate, caring, consensual environment. 

Complimentary 30min. All sessions and packages have a complimentary 30min meeting to see if these services are the best fit for your needs. In these sessions you will have an opportunity to ask me anything and everything about what I offer, including possible referrals if necessary.

Fees. Sessions are $150/hour (or you can sign-up for a more immersive and exploratory experience here). I am currently completing my Masters of Counselling Psychology and I am working under the supervision of a registered Social Worker. Because I work under supervision with a registered therapist, my fees are often covered by insurance companies and you would be eligible to submit my receipts for a CRA tax credit on your personal income tax.

Sessions can take place:

In-person (for Tkaronto residents)

Signal video conferencing or phone sessions

If you'd like to explore counselling options further, please contact me or email: Tynan Rhea (@) Gmail.com 

*PLEASE NOTE: my office is not a scent-free space due to the nature of aromatherapy. However, no synthetic fragrances are used anywhere in the office or washroom. All diffusions, perfumes, and cleaning materials are made from plant-based products with essential oils.

contact me: TYNAN RHEA (@) GMAIL.COM

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