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April 10, 2017

I haven’t written much about my aromatherapy practice, yet friends are constantly asking me which oils to use for sleeping, staying awake, relaxing, morning sickness, calming the mind… "Is peppermint safe during pregnancy?" (answer: not really, no) "Is lavender safe to...

March 13, 2017

When I saw these badass dolls at the Toronto Erotic Arts and Craft Fair hosted by Come As You Are, I got tingles all over my body. Chason Yeboah's dolls aren't just beautiful, they're healing and powerful. I wanted to learn more about Chason and how these dolls came to...

January 22, 2017

In case it’s not evident from a name like Cliterature, let the record show that this event is a very good time.

“Cliterature is a transformational and artful celebration of women’s sexuality through erotic readings, live music, dance and more!” as described by creator...

January 8, 2017

My vulva and I go way back. No, further. I can’t remember life without her (I imagine my vulva as a lady, shout out to vulvas of all occupations and titles!) We’ve been best friends before I knew what best friends were. She’s stood by me through sad times, good times,...

December 4, 2016

After going to my first birth with my doula-then-midwifery-student-now-friend Kyla, I had a lot of… feelings. Some of them were pleasant, some of them were not so pleasant, but the experience changed my approach to doula work completely.

Earlier that day I had been (gen...

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