P L E A S U R E   A F T E R   K I D S

Pleasure is important to our health and well-being. Having children, whether you're co-parenting with others or going solo, can have a huge impact on your sexual health and relationships. In this 4 week series, we will critically examine what influences our sexuality and relationships using Tynan Rhea's Holistic Sexual Self Model, challenge ideas and assumptions about parenthood and sexuality, test our knowledge of the physiological changes postpartum and how this can impact intimacy, and identify relationship priorities and how to meet our individual and relationship needs.

This group is offered to you in partnership with Mums & Tums Canada.

Learning Objectives:
- Learn strategies for harbouring intimacy and pleasure in relationships postpartum
- Connect with others who are going through a similar transition
- Apply a holistic understanding of sexuality and relationships to our personal lives
- Appreciate why/how people make decisions about their relationships and sexual health

$245 / per person (this can include one support person in this price as well)
$50/extra support person

Register: Mums & Tums Canada

When: every Friday in March, 2018

Where: Richmond Hill, ON

Cost: $245/person ($50/extra support person or partner)

contact me: TYNAN RHEA (@) GMAIL.COM

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