Essential oils are the natural oils distilled from a plant. All essential oils have therapeutic effects on the mind, body, or spirit if used safely and properly.

EO blends can be smelled from a bottle, diluted in a vegetable oil for use in the bath or on the skin in some cases, or put into a room diffuser. EO molecules are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning they have a direct effect on the brain when smelled.

Specific EO's can be used to reduce stress, induce or sooth the process of labour, treat yeast infections, and many EO's are effective anti-depressants, for example.


blend: custom

  • Please specify your top three complaints or needs in order of importance and in as much detail as possible. For example, 1. trouble sleeping 2. stuffy nose 3. headaches. Then go onto explain what it is about sleeping you have trouble with, whether your stuffy nose is blocked, inflammed, full of mucus, etc. and finally, when you get headaches, where it hurts in your body when you do, how it feels, etc. You may or may not receive a follow-up email from myself for clarification.

contact me: TYNAN RHEA (@) GMAIL.COM

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