I created this blend in 2015 when uncharacteristically I felt compelled to meditate. My mind kept building the notes from the base up over and over again until I started to pay attention. out came:


1. Peru Balsam. Evidence of “opening” one up. Helps us process feelings of violation/abuse from the past so one can let them go. One source specified abuse by men. Deeply soothing. Relaxing while stimulating.

2. Frankincense Carterii. Helps calm a racing mind with a myriad of thoughts that can be over-whelming. Strengthens neural pathways. Heals relationships with masculine aspect.

3. Marjoram. Focus! Helps relieve obsessive thinking and bring our focus around to our true needs. Helps those who are feeling isolated and prone to addictive behavior.

4. Bergamot. Releasing pent-up anger! Anger that has left us feeling irritated and eventually depressed. Helps circumvent addictive loops and let go and move on.


The conclusion? This blend is for releasing the tension caused by the root trauma, the abuse of men and masculinity, as well as addressing the current negative self-defeating behaviours as a result of the original damage.


Not for use on the skin or bath- if you want to use this blend on the skin or in the bath, check out the bath and massage oil patriarchy poison.

blend: pains of patriarchy

  • Ingredients: essential oils of Peru Balsam Myroxylon balsamum var pereirae, Frankincense Carterii Boswellia carterii, Marjoram Origanum marjorana, syn. hortensis, and Bergamot Citrus bergamia.

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