Please feel free to book a complimentary 30min consultation before purchasing a package. Refunds are not available once the package has been purchased. 24hrs notice is required for cancelling a session to reschedule at no additional cost. Without 24hrs notice, the session fee will still apply and make-up sessions can be purchased at the regular $150/hour rate. 


Whether it's your sexual self, loving self, dating self, or relationships self— this three-month intensive is an opportunity to take an in-depth journey into your healing. Questions we can explore are (but not limited to): Who am I as a sexual being? How can I get back into dating? How do I engage with my sexuality and romantic relationships after having children? What kinds of pleasures do I want in my life? Do I want to share my pleasure with other people?


To explore these questions, this package offers a combination of sessions, guidance in between sessions, aromatherapy blends, including additional resources like books or toys as needed, and connection with other workers who may be of assistance on your journey to nurturing your self.

1st Month: get to know obstacles by gathering information about your past experiences.

2nd Month: explore where you currently are on your journey.

3rd Month: map where you'd like to go and how to get there.


By the end of this intensive you will be able to answer these questions and you will be equipped to revisit them on your own as your life shifts and changes over time. 

This package offers: 

12 sessions (4 per month)

3 custom aromatherapy blends (1 per month)

guidance between sessions

additional resources

Value: $2650/month

Cost: $1000/month*

nurture your self: three month healing intensive

  • All packages and pay-as-you-go appointments must be paid in full before or on the first scheduled appointment, excluding Craft Your Sex Stroy which may be paid in three installments of $1225/month at the beginning of each month.

contact me: TYNAN RHEA (@) GMAIL.COM

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